How to Find Amazon Bundle Deals: A Step-by-Step Guide to Maximize Profits

Unlock the potential of Amazon bundles and boost your profits by mastering the art of wholesale deals. This step-by-step guide will walk you through the process of finding lucrative bundles using SmartScout, a powerful tool designed to help Amazon sellers succeed.

Step 1: Sign up for SmartScout To start finding profitable bundles, sign up for a SmartScout account. If you don’t have one already, sign up for a free trial here (SmartScout) and get 20% off using coupon code ESPFRIEND.

Step 2: Access the Traffic Graph Log in to your SmartScout account and click on the Traffic Graph from the left menu. This is where you’ll begin your search for profitable bundles.

Step 3: Perform a Product Search Start with a search term related to your desired bundles, such as “keto chocolate,” and review the results. Look for ASINs with the highest traffic sources, as these are the ones that will help you create successful bundles.

Step 4: Analyze Traffic Sources Click on an ASIN and navigate to the “Traffic Sources” tab to see a list of items with Traffic Strength. Click on any ASIN to open the Amazon product page. This information is crucial for building profitable bundles.

Step 5: Identify Frequently Bought Together Items On the Amazon product page, scroll down to the “Frequently bought together” section to find items that complement the main product. Use these items for your research and shortlisting process when creating your bundles.

Step 6: Utilize Search Terms and Rank Maker Back in the SmartScout Traffic Graphs area, click on the “Search Terms” tab, and then “Rank Maker.” Sort the column of Estimated Search from highest to lowest. This will help you find the best keywords for your bundles.

Step 7: Filter Search Results Hover over the three lines on the search results page and select the filter option. Set the search volume between 1,200 and 25,000 to get an idea of how many keywords you can find for your bundles.

Step 8: Identify Keyphrases Look for 2-5 word keyphrases that can attract customers from different brands and products to your bundle listings. These key phrases will help you target the right audience for your bundles.

Conclusion: By following this step-by-step guide, you can effectively create and sell bundles that maximize profits. Utilize SmartScout’s powerful features to identify high-traffic products, complementary items, and valuable keywords to create highly sought-after bundles that will drive sales and boost your bottom line.

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