An Easy Way to Hunt Distributors for Amazon: 3 Simple Steps

Are you an Amazon seller hoping to increase sales and your product offerings? Finding trustworthy distributors or wholesalers is one of the most efficient ways to accomplish this. Direct product purchases from suppliers can frequently result in lower costs, a larger selection of goods, and more solid business relationships. This blog post will demonstrate to you how to find Amazon distributors quickly and easily, enabling you to expand your reselling enterprise.

Here is the detailed video session on Distributor Hunting with Google Maps

Step 1: Utilize Google Maps to Your Advantage

Google Maps can be a valuable asset for your Amazon resale endeavors in addition to being a useful navigational tool. Open Google Maps and enter any US or UK city into the search bar to begin, depending on the nation where you sell. Consider a major city like New York or Los Angeles if your primary market is the United States.

Step 2: Conduct Targeted Searches for Distributors

It’s time to enter the distributors’ world once the map with the city you chose has loaded. Use precise search words, such as “[niche] distributors” or “[niche] wholesalers,” in which “[niche]” is replaced by the product category or sector you are interested in. If you are an expert in electronics, for instance, you may look for “electronics distributors” or “electronics wholesalers.”

The search results will be displayed on a map using Google Maps, enabling you to see the locations of the wholesalers and distribution sites. You may discover a list of search results with reviews and each distributor or wholesaler’s contact information on the left side of the screen.

Step 3: Review, Shortlist, and Connect

Reviewing possible suppliers and shortlisting those that match your company’s needs is now the critical step. Make a spreadsheet to record the distributor’s name, phone number, address, product line, and any other pertinent information.

To establish a strong list of potential partners, aim to discover at least 50 distributors per day. After that, start engaging with the distributors who made the shortlist by sending them a personalized email or requesting that a trade account be opened. Make an introduction, describe your interest in their items, and ask if it’s possible to resale them on Amazon.

Your Path to Amazon Reselling Success

You may routinely find new distributors and wholesalers for your Amazon business using this straightforward but efficient strategy. You will increase your product offerings, get access to better prices, and build reliable relationships with trustworthy suppliers if you actively participate in this process every day.

As you explore the world of Amazon resale, keep in mind that remaining on top of the competition requires constant learning. Learn new things to improve your competence in resale. You may expand your wholesale business without spending any money by using the helpful resources and courses available at

Start Your Journey Today

Don’t let the chance pass you by; begin looking for Amazon distributors right away! You’ll be well on your way to realizing the full potential of your resale business by putting these easy steps into practice. Take advantage of online distributors, embrace the power of Google Maps, and grow your Amazon business.

Remember that choosing the proper products is only one aspect of being successful at resale; you must also be willing to learn and adjust. Keep striving for improvement and staying dedicated to your goals can help your Amazon reselling business succeed. Happy searching!

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