How to Find Your Next Viral Video Idea Using AI?

I found a great AI hack that takes 90 seconds to find your next video content idea!

You will find ideas with high probabilities of going Viral!!!

Sounds interesting? read on…

Step 1 – Go to Youtube
Find the influencer or channel you like, and click the Most Popular videos

Step 2 – Click the top or any video of your choice and copy its URL.

Step 3 – visit, paste the YouTube video URL, and click GO 🏃‍♂️

Step 4 – Copy the entire transcription and slash it in ChatGPT.

Copy my EXACT Prompt below.

“Below is the full video transcription from a YouTube video. I want you to carefully review it, and find the most important points that are highly engaging and trigger points. List them in the following format.

Point # 1: (explain the trigger or learning point)
Point # 2: (explain the trigger or learning point) and so on.

After listing all the points, I want you to rewrite the whole video transcription as fresh content for me so I can record a video using it.

Okay, here is the transcription for you.

(paste the transcription here)”

This prompt will pick the best learning points and highlight them for you so you can focus more on them while creating your content.

Woah, you got fresh video content, right with the trigger points and fresh video script 😊

It costs $0 to share this article and it makes my day!

here is the video as a bonus

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